Patterned Upholstery Fabric

For sale online is our Enford Collection, premium designer geometric pattern upholstery fabric. Available in 8 vibrant color combinations! This multi-purpose fabric features an interior designer geometric triangle / pyramid pattern on a woven texture. This heavy duty fabric is perfect for upholstery or any DIY project. – Content: 100% Polyester – Width: 57″ – Available Colors: 11 – Weight: 482 g/m2 – Pattern Repeat: N/A – Pattern Direction: Up the roll – Abrasion: 20,000 cycles Martindale method **Fabric by the yard. Order: 1 quantity = 1 yard. ***To order a fabric sample swatch, please follow the link below: Fabric Sample Swatches Make sure to call or email us the list of styles and colors and change the quantity to the correct amount of samples requested in order to receive all of the fabric samples you need. Top Fabric (310) 818-2863

Nowadays, there are a variety of options on the market for those who are interested in decorating their homes according to their specific preferences and requirements. With a wide selection of furniture, draperies, rugs and carpets, there seems to be something for every taste and interior design, and there is no difference to upholstery fabrics.

All this can make it harder to find the right upholstery material for your home. With a variety of different materials, different piles, photosyntheses or blends, patterns and colors, choosing a material that meets all your needs can bring a lot of thought and time to window shopping.

Choosing patterned or plain upholstery fabrics is a matter many people discuss. Once a selection has been made in this department, it may be easier to narrow down the choice of fabrics and move one step closer to choosing the right fabric for a particular household piece of furniture.

The first thing to think about when choosing a patterned or solid material is the space in which the object is placed. This is the most important aspect because the appearance of the object in its environment is the most important factor in whether a patterned or simple object looks good or is not in the right place.

Patterned fabrics are generally good for an otherwise simple room. While a simple room may be boring for some, a sprinkling of colorful patterns can give some interest to a room area and also give it a certain focus. This works well if you have a nice sofa or armchair in the middle of your room, as a great pattern draws your eye to these attractive pieces of furniture.

On the other hand, too many patterned objects in each room can create a very busy effect. So, if you have a patterned rug, patterned curtains or ornate wallpaper, it's often a good idea to keep other objects simple and not too flashy. Patterns everywhere can confuse and even overwhelm the look of the room.

However, there is a good way to make several patterns in a room work, especially if you want to pick a patterned object, but you already have some eye-catching designs in the room you decorate.

Instead of just combining a pattern with many simple elements, you can choose a mixed and complementary pattern that arouses interest without overwhelming. While you have a main design - such as You can move an element of this design to another part of the room, such as bold striped curtains or eye-catching flaky wallpaper.

As a complement to black and white striped curtains, you can choose a piece of upholstery fabric for your sofa in more white-and-white and light gray pinstripes. A pink and white flock wallpaper looks great when combined with a muted pink flock fabric on a chair. The key is that only one part dominates the space, including the patterns elsewhere in a weakened and complementary manner.

Our last tip for patterned and plain upholstery fabrics is to remember that the patterns should always be in proportion to the items that cover them. A large pattern looks great on a large piece of furniture, while smaller and more elaborate patterns on smaller pieces of furniture in a room can look good.

If you want to decorate this large three-cornered piece, bear in mind that the size of the selected pattern is also relevant to the look of a room. Depending on whether you want the piece to be a focal point in your room or not, you may want to choose a large, bolded print or instead just a plain fabric to keep things more subdued.