Mirrored Coffee Table

Athens Gold Mirrored Low Coffee Table

For most people, buying a beautiful, mirrored coffee table is a difficult decision. You may wonder what you can get for your home. The good news is that if you have the right items in it, you can get much more out of your home.

Why buy a "Galla" coffee table from the John Richard collection?

There are different types of mirrored tables for your home, but the John Richard Collection mirrored "Galla" coffee table is an excellent furniture option for most people. There are several reasons why you like what you see in this table.


The main reason why I recommend this type of piece is the quality and craftsmanship it offers the buyer. While you can find generic mirror furniture for cheap throughout the internet from various wholesalers, a big concern must be the quality behind it. Some parts crack easily. Others will have mirror plates that are unglued or dissolved. The "Galla" table has a name that means a lot, not to mention that John Richard is known for producing high quality products.

Mirrored or not, if you are looking for a high quality coffee table, I strongly recommend that you think about this model and this style if it fits the decor and theme of your home. Remember that you do not want to have a living room that only consists of mirrors. Rather, in a medium-sized room you want to get the maximum out of 2 parts and then integrate other furniture and decorations that complement each other (eg leather sofas, glass tables, etc.).