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 Leather Sofa

Leather Sofa

Living room update with i / d | Honeywild

Given the time we spend on our sofas, it is normal for us to stain them with all sorts of stains. Breadcrumbs and coins lost in the sofa are really the least of our problems that we think of in all these patches.

Leather sofas require some special cleaning techniques if we want them to stay shiny and look as new as the day we bought them at home. Unfortunately, we can not rely on one single piece of advice, as there are many different types of stains and each one of them requires a different type of cleaning and cleaning process.

Since your sofa is most likely made of leather, we focus on this guy. Most of the dirt is removed by rubbing lightly with a damp, soft cloth and a little soap. Remember to dry it at the end with a clean, dry cloth and sometimes even apply a thorough care formula on the leather.

Always be careful when choosing something stronger than regular soap, as this can damage the leather and you will end up with a different color on this part of your leather sofa. The best way to test if a cleaner works well is to first apply it to a hidden part of the sofa. If it turns out that it was not damaged, it is safe to use it on the visible parts.

You must use the same procedure, even if you have bought a cleaner that is said to be leather friendly. You never know if it was tested on your leather type or not, so it's best to be extra careful and check it instead of regretting it later.