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Types of Platform Beds

Platform beds are beds that are designed for use with a mattress only and do not require box spring beds or mattress sets. The base is a hard surface on which a mattress is put to sleep. The base system can either be made of lath wood, as is common in Asian countries, or it can be solid and form a hard, closed surface on which a mattress can be laid. Mattress and box spring were not really used until the mid-19th century, but then became popular and it became necessary to develop other types of bed frames that most people are familiar with today.

Basic bed designs

The popularity of bunks has continued to increase, which has led to the development of various types of bunks. These beds are equipped with a platform foot and do not require box spring beds. The modern design of a bed on a platform appeals to those who appreciate sleek, bold and sleek lines in furniture. Many modern beds reflect the European influence. They are usually inconspicuous and can be easily integrated into almost any theme of home decor. Some modern units are equipped with furniture to create a complete bedroom with platform.

The bed with storage space is an up-to-date version of the contemporary style and is equally popular with adults and children. This particular style with its organizational drawers is a unique blend of chic, contemporary design and the Old World Captain's Keepers, all in one. It is an exceptionally practical bed. These beds can also be unobtrusive. depending on how many drawers are built underneath. A simple frame may only contain 4 drawers, 2 on each side of a low bed. On the other hand, you will find a large number of drawers in some sleeping units, which offer up to 12 to 14 drawers. For some people, there is no better bed than a bed with storage space.

A traditional furniture design offers the beauty of traditional styles such as cottage, mission or colonial style, but also includes the typical platform base on which a mattress can be placed. Many people like this type of bed because they can enjoy a transitional bed while still taking advantage of a low profile frame. It also goes well with a more traditional home decor.


While these are the basic types of beds built into the platform's basic design, there are many styles and designs for adults, teens, and kids. The reasons for choosing this bed type are not just functionality and style, but also additional savings. You do not have to buy an expensive box spring set. Adding a mattress only to these beds makes them even more attractive to many consumers looking for quality but also savings on their next bed.