Antique Oak Furniture

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America has some epochs that can be called the "Golden Age" where furniture was the main concern. The 18th generation experienced great arts in remote areas such as New York, Rhode Island and Newport. In the centralized period of the 19th century, American ingenuity in furniture was creatively expanded again. After all, it has become dependent on a large number of English designers.

So when was the true era of the Golden Age in America? It began in the 1870s with the convergence of major events in the country. One was the growing shortage of walnuts used for Victorian-style furniture. Then there was the prosperity of the US after the Civil War. And there was also the appearance of the American furniture industry. Better families bought larger houses to fill with larger furniture. The renaissance revival packed this empty space for a moment with its precious furniture, but Nussbaum stopped. So oak came out.

Oak was one of the original woods from which furniture was made. It was also used to build large quantities of ships. It only became popular in the Jacobean period in the 17th century.

Most of the earliest antique oak furniture was hand carved and handcrafted by master craftsmen such as Robert Horner. They were also precious designs of the great George Hunzinger. Basically, the innate beauty of antique oak furniture was enhanced by two methods. Usually primary woods are white, a pale shade with little normal color. Both texture and color were improved by the quarter cutting process.

This is the logging of the oak to show the surprising pattern of the "eyes of the tiger" in the wood. The other improvement was through the use of orange shellac, which is occasionally dyed with yellow copper. This will lead to the famous golden antique oak furniture look in the later part of the 19th century. This also led to the birth of the Golden Oak era of American furniture.

Due to the high demands on furniture made from oak wood, manufacturers used substitute woods such as hickory, ash, elm and red oak as an alternative to old white oaks, which grow long enough to be used as furniture. Veneers were also used to increase production without compromising quality.

Since then, there has been a relentless hunger for antique oak furniture. The Golden Oak may have stopped, but the enthusiasm for acquiring valuable antique oak furniture has never ceased. The production and collection of antique oak furniture continues and their history lives on.